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Welcome to the British Livebearer Association

The B.L.A is a group a group of enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the hobby of keeping and breeding freshwater livebearing fishes.

Spring Auction!

We will be holding our Spring Auction on 15th of April at the Leicester Fish Show. Fancy Guppies UK will also be in attendance with their mini show.

There will be lots of wild type and domesticated Livebearers available from many the top breeders in the UK.

There will be a show run to FBAS rules, A Sales table with fish and shrimps/plants/equipment for sale….

hot food and drink will be available too through the day.

Auction Start time: 12:30


The Whetstone Memorial Hall in Leicester


We will be holding 4 events this year:

A Spring event in April in Leicester – Details coming soon!

A July event in Basingstoke: Details Here.

An August event in Stoke on Trent: Details Here.

and and Autumn Convention in Kettering.

We hope you enjoy the site.

British Livebearer Association